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Sealand Aviation Ltd.

Campbell River, British Columbia - Canada

|+01 (800) 331-4244

Aircraft Maintenance, Repairs and Modifications

2300 Airport Drive

Campbell River, British Columbia V9H 0E2

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Sealand Aviation Ltd. - Aircraft Maintenance, Repairs and Modifications - Campbell River, British Columbia - Canada

Aircraft Maintenance, Repairs and Modifications Sealand Aviation overhauls, rebuilds, salvages and repairs aircraft. Sealand Aviation also manufactures aircraft modification kits and components. The company is Transport Canada approved for structures, maintenance, welding and manufacturing. The experienced aviation mechanics at Sealand Aviation provide excellent maintenance and services on both floatplanes and wheel equipped light aircraft. Our aircraft modifications services include TIP TANKS, PUSH RODS, STRUTS, JUMP SEATS, CABIN EXTENSIONS, ALASKA DOORS, FLOAT MODS, JUMP DOORS, WESTCOAST WINDOWS. Working Class Origins Sealand Aviation was originally started by Bill Alder in Campbell River, BC to provide aircraft maintenance services for the commercial floatplanes servicing the forestry and fishing industries on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. Sealand Aviation quickly established a reputation in the aircraft maintenance field for its large inventory of aircraft parts and reliable, efficient customer service. Aircraft maintenance and aircraft repairs are still the mainstay of the company but Sealand Aviation now also designs, certifies and manufactures modifications, primarily for the de Havilland Beaver. These aircraft modification kits include the Cabin Extension Kit and the Alaska Door, Jump Door, Westcoast Windows, among others. Onward and Upward Change is good and Sealand Aviation is not a company that rests on its laurels. New and innovative aviation products are developed and manufactured onsite in response to ever changing customers' needs. Sealand maintains a large inventory of all aircraft parts and products and can ship aircraft modification kits all over the globe. Sealand Aviation works with some of North America's best aviation engineers for certification and the existing customer base is worldwide.

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