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KCAC - Kansas City Aviation Center

Olathe, Kansas - United States

|+01 (913) 782-0530

15325 S. Pflumm , KS

Olathe, Kansas 66062

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KCAC - Kansas City Aviation Center - null - Olathe, Kansas - United States

Charter - Maintenance - Parts - Sales A factory-authorized aircraft sales and service center for Pilatus Aircraft and Piper Aircraft, KCAC Aviation has guided many owners and pilots through the ins and outs of private aviation. From aircraft ownership, to charter, maintenance and everything in between, the tenured team at KCAC works passionately to keep you in the air and on your way to your next business deal or personal adventure. Our knowledgeable sales team understands that your choice of aircraft is mission critical. They will help you determine your mission requirements, aircraft goals and enhance your ownership experience. With intimate knowledge of Pilatus and Piper aircraft, as well as involvement with several other aircraft and equipment manufacturers, they will guide you to the best aircraft model for your needs. Pulling from years of aviation experience and personal flight hours, their expertise will help you select the best aircraft for your mission profile. When selecting an aviation partner, remember the importance of the people behind the service. When you work with an experienced team that’s filled with professional and knowledgeable experts who care about you and your aircraft, you’re in good hands and ready to take on new opportunities, one flight at a time. When you work with KCAC Aviation, you become part of the KCAC family. And like any great family, we take care of each other.

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