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JMB Aircraft

Chocen, Chomutov - Czech Republic

|+42 (000) 000-0000


Nadrazni 635

Chocen, Chomutov 56501

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JMB Aircraft - OUR PASSION MAKES THE DIFFERENCE - Chocen, Chomutov - Czech Republic

JMB Aircraft is the production company of the VL3, a plane designed by Vanessa Air and produced in the past by Aveko. JMB Aircraft is run by two Belgium brothers who started to fly when they were only fourteen years old. It’s safe to say that flying runs through their blood and their passion and dedication can be seen in the final product. Behind JMB Aircraft is JMB Aviation, a Belgium company with more than 20 years of experience in aviation. JMB Aviation owns a private airfield with a successful flight school. Maintenance and repair facilities are located in Amougies, Belgium.

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