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X-Naut LLC

Long Beach, California - United States


1332 Gladys Ave

Long Beach, California 90804

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X-Naut LLC -  - Long Beach, California - United States

WHEN EVERY MISSION IS CRITICAL X-naut designs solutions that enable people to work and play in extreme temperatures. We believe that technology tools should not limit the ability to execute mission-critical tasks. It is in this belief that X-nautÕs flagship product, the Cooling Case for iPads, was designed, tested, and approved by the aviation market. This revolutionary product prevents iPads from overheating in extreme heat. At X-naut, our goal is to move people forward by removing boundaries created by extreme temperatures. WHEN TWO INDUSTRIES COME TOGETHER The Cooling Case idea first came into fruition when the CEO and Founder of X-naut, Darren Saravis, identified the issues he as a private pilot was facing when using his iPad to navigate. The cockpit can get extremely hot and his iPad started to suffer. Also a CEO of a product development company, Nectar, Darren had the means to make his vision come to life. The Cooling Case is just one example of the effective products he has developed, which can be found on the Nectar website.

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