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Wing Armor

Saint-Colomban, Quebec - Canada

| (888) 228-3423

215 rue Downing

Saint-Colomban, Quebec J5K0G3

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Wing Armor -  - Saint-Colomban, Quebec - Canada

WING ARMOR, an affiliate of Leading Edge Deicing Specialists of Montreal, Quebec, specialize in Aircraft Ground Icing Systems for In-Hangar Anti-Icing and Outdoor De-icing using Portable & Eco Friendly Equipment. Our "JETstream" Compact De-icer, designed for harsh environments & remote locations, ensures aircraft are Free of Ice/snow and Safe for Takeoff. This 150 Gal. De-icer fits into the Baggage door of a De-Havilland Dash-8 allowing it to be flown to Remote Airports where it is needed!

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