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Wag-Aero Group

Lyons, Wisconsin - United States

| (262) 763-9586

PO Box 181

1216 North Rd

Lyons, Wisconsin 53148

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Wag-Aero Group -  - Lyons, Wisconsin - United States

Manufacturer and distributor of aircraft parts for general aviation. Wag-Aero was founded by Dick and Bobbie Wagner in the basement of their house in Lyons in the early 1960s. By 1965, Wag-Aero printed its first catalog and continued to expand. In 1971, the company moved from Wagner's basement to its present location on North Road. The original warehouse and manufacturing facility has been expanded by three additions. The airstrip was built at the top of the hill for the convenience of our many fly-in customers. In 1995, Dick and Bobbie Wagner sold The Wag-Aero Group of companies to Bill Read and Mary Myers. Management continues to support the general aviation community by providing a variety of high quality products with attractive pricing. The first priority of the company is to provide exceptional customer service. In April 1997 Wag-Aero acquired the assets of Viking Aero Manufacturing which expanded our product and manufacturing lines to include, 23 different types of hand held tow bars, 17 models of hitch tow bars, 5 new designs of windsock frames and several models of aircraft jacks. In March, 2005 Wag-Aero acquired the assets of Safe Air Repair, Inc. which expanded our FAA/PMA line of manufactured parts to include many PMA'd parts for the Aeronca and Taylorcraft aircraft models. This includes the 7AC Champ, the 11AC Chief and the Taylorcraft BC12D, along with numerous additional Aeronca 7 and 8 series models. We are extremely proud of our growth over the years, which has been largely due to a loyal customer base, dedicated and innovative employees, complimentary product line expansions and a strong commitment to customer service. With your help we intend to continue to grow together.

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