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Van's Aircraft, Inc.

Aurora, Oregon - United States

| (503) 678-6545

14401 Keil Rd NE

Aurora, Oregon 97002

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Van's Aircraft, Inc. -  - Aurora, Oregon - United States

In the early 1970s, a skinny young engineer from a small town in Oregon built himself a better mousetrap. Actually, it was a better airplane. After improving another homebuilt design Ð the Stits Playboy Ð as much as he could, Richard (ÒVanÓ) VanGrunsven decided to start with a clean sheet of paper. His RV-3 impressed a lot of people (ÒRVÓ of course, stands for Richard VanGrunsven). Many of those folks were willing to take on the task of building an airplane from scratch so that they, too, could have an airplane that flew like VanÕs. Already an experienced pilot, Van quit his job with a forklift company and seized the opportunity to work with his real love: aviation. He founded VanÕs Aircraft, Inc. in 1972 and began selling plans and a few parts for the RV-3. These he manufactured himself, working in a small shop behind his house in the small town of Reedville, Oregon. As the business grew and VanÕs Aircraft began producing complete aircraft kits and new designs, the company moved to larger quarters in North Plains, Oregon Ð a small town about 25 miles west of Portland. Van and his wife Diane built a home on a residential airpark just across the road from the factory. For many years, the RV prototypes and demonstration aircraft flew from the grass runway at the airpark. After more than 50 years, VanÕs Aircraft is solvent, strong, and alive with new ideas. As an employee-owned company, we look to the future with energy and determination. The coming years will present plenty of opportunities and challenges, and we intend to meet them the way Dick VanGrunsven did when he first built the company: with honesty, practicality, diligence and imagination.

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