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Timber Tiger Aircraft, Inc.

Montrose, Colorado - United States

| (303) 725-5439

19550 6575 Rd.

Montrose, Colorado 81403

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Timber Tiger Aircraft, Inc. -  - Montrose, Colorado - United States

Manufacturer of golden age airplane kits In the glory days of aviationÕs golden age, the Ryan ST became one of AmericaÕs most iconic aircraft, attaining a legendary status shared with few other designs. With stunning looks, a beloved vintage feel, and incredible performance, this historic machine has captured the lust of aviators on multiple continents for decades. Now, the dream of commanding such an amazing aircraft can become reality. We are proud to introduce the ST-L, the world's only Ryan ST replica kit. Designed from the ground-up using modern design philosophies, this kit offers unmatched nostalgia with modern conveniences and ease-of-construction. ItÕs time to take your dream to the next level. Put the soul back into flying with your very own piece of golden age glory: the ST-L, by Timber Tiger Aircraft.

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