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Thunderbird Aviation, LLC

Harrison Township, Michigan - United States

| (586) 212-5875

40964 Production Dr

Harrison Township, Michigan 48045

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Thunderbird Aviation, LLC -  - Harrison Township, Michigan - United States

Manufacturer of Hiperlight line of aircraft Thunderbird Aviation was established officially in 2002 when Ron Jones was lucky enough to stumble across a tiny ad in one of the Aviation Trade Journals. They were advertising the sale of the tooling and rights for the Hiperlight. Interest in these little planes started way back in 1979 when a set of plans was purchased for the Guppy, which was the forerunner of the Hiperlight. In 2013 the rights and tooling became available for the Hiperbipe, which was originally designed in 1975 as a fully aerobatic, cabin class biplane, it filled out the product line. Thunderbird Aviation offers aircraft that appeal to a wide range of interests. From an ultralight, to a 2 place experimental, to a fully aerobatic yet cross country capable machine. Soon to come will be the SLSA Version. We will keep you updated on the details as they progress.

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