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Tecnam US Inc

Sebring, Florida - United States

| (390) 823-6222

29536 Flying Fortress Lane #1

Sebring, Florida 33870

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Tecnam US Inc -  - Sebring, Florida - United States

About TECNAM; ÒQuality Aircraft since 1948Ó TECNAM's roots go all the way back to the Italian brothers Luigi and Giovanni Pascale who began to develop and produce innovative aircraft soon after the end of WWII. Since those early beginnings, the family has continued to create original models, first gaining worldwide recognition under the name Partenavia, which translates as " Naples Aviation". Costruzioni Aeronautiche TECNAM was established in March 1986 and now operates in two production facilities. The Casoria facility is located adjacent to Naples Capodichino International Airport, while the main factory is next to the ÒOreste SalomoneÓ Airport in Capua. Additional facilities were established in Sebring, Florida, USA and in Australia in supplement to a global sales and service center network to serve and support the needs of TecnamÕs local owners and operators.

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