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Speedy Sweep

Las Vegas, Nevada - United States

| (702) 538-9741

8414 W. Farm Rd

Suite 180 #319

Las Vegas, Nevada 89131

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Speedy Sweep -  - Las Vegas, Nevada - United States

Hanger, Walkway, Parking area sweepers. About Haaga The HAAGA Sweeper Company based in Germany is the founder of the belt-less unique patented disk brush, walk behind parking lot, sidewalk, warehouse and factory floor push sweeper system that works just like a city street sweeper you see driving down the street or cleaning your parking lot. Since 1969 The company HAAGA was founded in 1969 by Hermann Haaga as an operation for mould construction and plastics precessing. One year later, his business began to specialize in hand-guided sweepers. Then came the idea of rotating disc brushes, patented in 1974, with which Haaga set a benchmark in sweeping technology. In 1989 the companies activities became focused on sweeping machines.

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