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Southaven, Mississippi - United States

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SoundEx Products/Plane Patterns - Improve Your Quality of Flight - Southaven, Mississippi - United States

WE MANUFACTURE AIRCRAFT INSULATION AND SOUNDPROOFING. ALSO LASER ENGRAVED PATTERNS FOR AIRCRAFT After years of working with Aircraft interiors and seeing how poorly aircraft were insulated, I thought there had to be better options than what was installed from the factory. SoundEx was purchased in 2004, and since then we have improved the quality of the products in many ways. When first purchased we had very few patterns for the inside of aircraft (between the outer skin and the interior), since then we have over 70 airplane patterns for the insulation to fit snug into. We now laser engrave the patterns on the back of the insulation sheet and have charts showing where each piece goes, this allows the installer to cut the patterns and follow the Chart. NO GLUE is needed for installation each piece is a snug fit. if at any time you must remove your insulation for inspection or for work to be done, the pattern number remains on the back of the pieces removed and can be replaced easily without any damage to your insulation. Every sheet passes FAA Flammability Requirements and certificates are provided with each order. Installation must be under supervision of a licensed mechanic and appropriate log entry made. The SoundEx is a premium aircraft soundproofing/insulation that incorporates excellent vibration dampening and noise absorption properties. SoundEx is a superior product compared to other products on the market because of it's thermal qualities add less weight to aircraft, and affordability. Stop the yelling and make flying fatigue a thing of the past. Improve your quality of Flight.

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