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SkyLab Engineering, LLC

Blaine, Minnesota - United States


Blaine, Minnesota

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SkyLab Engineering, LLC -  - Blaine, Minnesota - United States

Developing a hybrid electric airplane using distributed electric thrust. SkyLab is a group of actual human beings. There are no suits. We have been known to say, ÒWeÕre not a nickel and dime operationÑthat implies we have dimes.Ó Between us weÕve built or designed well over a dozen experimental airplanes, including a jet and a racer. Without question, the proudest moment in our cumulative aviation careers was when our company president fixed a Grumman Albatross by virtue of being able to tie a zip tie with one hand, overhead, in a confined space, in the blind. ItÕs not a great party trick, but itÕs popular with the folks we hang out with. WeÕre from all over the US and all over the world.

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