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Professional Women Controllers

Farmington, Minnesota - United States


224 15th Street

Farmington, Minnesota 55024

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Professional Women Controllers -  - Farmington, Minnesota - United States

PWC Purpose is to encourage women to enter the air traffic control profession; assist in professional and personal development; maintain accountability, responsibility, and professionalism; and promote a better understanding, cooperation and coordination among individuals toward the continual improvement of aviation safety. PWC Vision Professional Women Controllers, Inc. (PWC) vision is to achieve a balanced workforce that reflects the demographics of society and creates a safe environment where all air traffic professionals have passion for their career, can excel, and feel a sense of community at work. PWC Mission Professional Women Controllers, Inc. (PWC) is a resource that provides support, training, encouragement, and camaraderie for all air traffic professionals. PWC advocates balancing work and family life, recruiting and retaining excellent employees, developing people, enjoying work, and maintaining a positive sense of community.

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