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Original Safety Siphon (The)

Greensburg, Pennsylvania - United States

| (724) 344-4864

243 Slate Run Road

Greensburg, Pennsylvania 15601

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Original Safety Siphon (The) -  - Greensburg, Pennsylvania - United States

Manufacure and sell the world's best siphon...The Original Safety Siphon. In January 2015, I became the new owner of Safety Siphon. In 2015, I changed the name from Safety Siphon to The Original Safety Siphon¬. In March of 2016, we officially registered with the trademark office under the name The Original Safety Siphon¬. Since then, it has been my privilege to continue the legacy as the new owner of The Original Safety Siphon¬. Although the names Safety Siphon and now The Original Safety Siphon¬ are related and part of the same family, our commitment has never changed. Our goal has always been to provide the world's best, easiest, and safest way to transfer liquids. As the current owner, we have expanded our product line. In addition to the 1/2î siphon, we now offer the 3/8î, 3/4", and 1î siphons. We offer two (2) lengths. The siphons now are available in 6' and 10' lengths. We have also expanded our accessories line. We upgraded our raw materials (high quality copper, industrial strength glass ball, stainless steel spring). We redesigned the spring for more efficiency. We upgraded our hoses. Our hoses now consist of virgin grade resin, no fillers, and are FDA food grade safe. Although there are ñknockoff versionsî out there, no one can match the quality of The Original Safety Siphon¬. For the past 40 years, our siphon is widely regarded as the best siphon in the world that does not require electricity. Just a few shakes are all that is needed to start the siphon. As they say, "It works like Magic." We are proud to say, "The Original Safety Siphon¬ is 100% made and manufactured here in the United States."

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