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Murphy Aircraft Mfg Ltd

Chilliwack, British Columbia - Canada

| (604) 792-5855

8155 Aiken Rd - Unit 2

Chilliwack, British Columbia V2R 4H5

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Murphy Aircraft Mfg Ltd -  - Chilliwack, British Columbia - Canada

Founded in 1985, by Darryl Murphy, Murphy Aircraft is a homebuilt experimental aircraft manufacturer located in Chilliwack BC, Canada. Over the last few decades, Murphy Aircraft has developed 7 different models: Renegade, Maverick, Elite, Rebel, Yukon, Moose, and Radical. Each model has unique characteristics that will be suitable for people with different needs. In 2022, Murphy Aircraft was acquired by new investors. With the new management team on board, Murphy Aircraft is on a new journey: Continue to provide Canadian-made products with better customer service, technical support, and less kit build time. Murphy Aircraft appreciates your patience and support. Discount or Special Offer

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