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Mountain High Aviation Oxygen

Redmond, Oregon - United States

| (800) 468-8185

2244 SE Airport Way Ste 100

Redmond, Oregon 97756

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Mountain High Aviation Oxygen -  - Redmond, Oregon - United States

MH Aviation Oxygen Systems produces the state-of-the-art EDS pulse demand oxygen systems known for revolutionizing high altitude flights with its set-it-and-forget-it technology. In addition, portable and built-in constant flow oxygen systems for experimental and general aviation pilots are also available. We also provide a large assortment of oxygen transfill equipment for private pilots, flying clubs and FBOs. We carry a variety of aluminum, carbon fiber and kevlar oxygen cylinders along with valves, regulators and carry bags. A wide variety of face masks (with or without microphones), cannulas and assorted hardware parts are also stocked. We pride ourselves on being able to bring our products from the design conception stage to the final product in house. Wherever possible, our products are proudly Made in the USA since 1985. Come visit us at our booth or at

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