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USAeroSports - null - Searcy, Arkansas - United States

USAerosports is a new aviation company backed by decades of experience in ag flying, corporate flying, flight training, and aviation enthusiasm. We are excited to partner with Direct Fly to bring the Alto NG to the USA. USAerosports is based at KSRC airport in Searcy, AR. We are easy to get to from anywhere in the country via our own 6,000 foot runway, or commercial into Little Rock or Memphis. In addition to being the US distributor for the Alto NG, we can also offer training, maintenance and general support for your Alto. About Direct Fly Direct Fly located in the Czech Republic is reintroducing the Alto into the US markets thru USAerosports located in Searcy AR. The Alto NG is all metal construction, powered by Rotax 912 ULS, giving you a selection of fuels and Keivprop 263. The advantages of ALTO lie in its simple and comfortable piloting, which is guaranteed by the design of the wing. The aircraft has been improved thanks to more than fifteen years of experience with the aircraft in operation by flight schools, flight clubs and private owners. Basic kits, Quick kits and Ready to fly are options to consider. RTF can be equipped with the very basic 6 pack instruments for the budget minded all the way to full glass panel, auto pilot and GALAXY GRS rescue system for the serious aviators. It can be flown with wheel pants or be remove for the more rugged type of flying. There are many LSA to look at but only a few to consider. The Alto NG should be on the top of your list given the ability to customize it your way. Flight training can be given at your location or ours with your new plane. 501-207-2301

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