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IFL Group

Waterford, Michigan - United States

| (248) 666-9713

6860 Service Dr.

Waterford, Michigan 48327

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IFL Group -  - Waterford, Michigan - United States

Today, IFL Group is a well-established air cargo carrier that has expanded its operations across various regions. With a workforce of over 200 employees and a fleet of 22 aircraft, including Falcon 20Õs, CRJ's, ConvairÕs, ATRÕs and Boeing 727's, the company has the resources and expertise to provide efficient and reliable cargo transportation services to its clients. The company's focus on ad-hoc cargo services as well as contract charters for leading logistics companies like FedEx and UPS has helped it establish a reputation for providing customized and cost-effective solutions to meet the unique needs of its clients.

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