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Evolution / Revo

Zephyrhills, Florida - United States

|+01 (813) 810-9262

39440 South Ave

Zephyrhills, Florida 33542

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Evolution / Revo - null - Zephyrhills, Florida - United States

It all started with two guys, Larry Mednick and Abid Farrouqi. Both started out flying very basic trikes with 50 HP motors cruising around the sky in the 40 MPH range. They started flying trikes right around the same time over a 15 years ago after discovering they both loved flying weight shift control far more than the conventional aircraft they had both learned to fly. Abid, immediately had plans to start a flight school for trikes, and wanted to help introduce the sport to the American market. Since triking in Europe was so popular, Abid knew all he had to do was to get people hooked. Larry on the other hand flew his trike nearly every day while his once favorite hobbies of freestyle jet skiing and street bike riding faded into his past. There was only one thing Abid and Larry wanted to do, and that was fly trikes!

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