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EpicSky Flight Academy LLC

Des Moines, Iowa - United States

| (833) 359-3742

6213 SW 28th St

Des Moines, Iowa 50321

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EpicSky Flight Academy LLC -  - Des Moines, Iowa - United States

EpicSky Flight Academy in Des Moines, Iowa offers a wide range of flight training programs designed to meet the needs of both aspiring and experienced pilots. From private and commercial pilot licensing to multi and instrument rating courses, EpicSky has the program for you! Enrolling in our flight school gives you access to our in-house developed, structured flight instruction program with over 15 years of documented instructor success. Our growing fleet offers you a choice of aircraft, including the latest technology from Piper-and not your grandfather's Cessna 172-with full-glass equipped G1000 NXi aircraft and full-motion simulators to get you comfortable, allowing you to hone your skills without breaking the bank account!

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