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Bolder Flight Systems Inc.

Santa Fe, New Mexico - United States


The most innovative data acquisition systems available.

1239 Cerro Gordo Rd

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

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Bolder Flight Systems Inc. - The most innovative data acquisition systems available. - Santa Fe, New Mexico - United States

Improve your piloting skills and relive your most memorable flights with OnFlight Hub, our most portable data acquisition system! OnFlight Hub can be quickly and easily attached to your glare shield or wind screen and records altitude, attitude, position, ground speed, and other flight data at a rate of 25 Hz. Data can be streamed to ForeFlight, providing GPS data to WiFi only devices and can also be used as a backup attitude indicator. Like a running watch for your flights, this data can be downloaded and viewed on a computer or synchronized with cloud apps and electronic logbooks. Perfect for flight schools, pilots of rental aircraft, experimental aircraft pilots flying off their Phase I, and the inner data-nerd in all of us! OnFlight Hub is small, portable, and can be charged over USB C. Bolder Flight Systems develops flight control and data acquisition systems for manned and unmanned aircraft. These systems are often used for research and development at organizations such as NASA, the International Test Pilots School, Boeing Research and Technology, and universities around the world. Stop by our booth to experience the exciting future of aircraft flight systems today! Discount or Special Offer

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