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Owyhee Aviation

Boise, Idaho - United States

|+01 (501) 231-2794


Boise, Idaho 83714

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Owyhee Aviation - null - Boise, Idaho - United States

TLAR is an iOS app. The TLAR app is designed to improve general aviation pilot situational awareness regarding aircraft performance. It is currently capable of computing takeoff, climb, cruise, and landing performance of several models of single-engine piston-powered aircraft. The TLAR performance engine currently estimates performance of the following General Aviation Aircraft models: • Bonanza A36 (A36) • Cessna 152 (C152) • Cessna 172M (C172M) • Cessna 172N (C172N) • Cessna 180K (C180K) • Cessna 182P (C182P) • Cirrus SR20 (SR20) • Cirrus SR22 (SR22) • Cirrus SR22T (SR22T) • Cub Crafters FX-2 (FX2) • Cub Crafters FX-3 (FX3) • Glasair Sportsman (GLSP) • Glasair Glastar (GLST) • Harmon Rocket II (HROC2) • Kitfox 7 Series SS (K7SS) • Kitfox 7 Series STI (K7STI) • Mooney M20F (M20F) • Piper J3 (J3) • Piper PA18 (PA18) • Piper PA28-140 (PA28140) • Piper PA28-181 (PA28181) • Vans RV-7 (RV7) • Vans RV-8 (RV8) We apologize if your exact aircraft is not yet represented. We will continue to add more planes in the future. MTF...

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