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Air Safaris International

Toronto, Ontario - Canada

| (416) 407-6904

PO Box 84539

2336 Bloor St W

Toronto, Ontario S-4Z7

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Air Safaris International -  - Toronto, Ontario - Canada

Air Safaris International offers self-fly, escorted, group adventure flying vacations in AU, FR, UK, IE and Canada. A Tour Director and a Lead Pilot, a local CPL, handle all the pre-trip paperwork, daily briefings and logistics so that participants can focus on enjoying the experience. Itineraries include iconic and off-the-beaten-path destinations, thereby taking full advantage of the fact we are flying in small aircraft. Every tour has a mix of single and multi-night stops so that participants get an in-depth experience of the country. Pre-planned tours are 15 to 22 days in length. Custom tours are also available.

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