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Maryville, Tennessee - United States

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Join us as we create a non-profit for women by women of the aviation industry.

P.O. Box 4163

Maryville, Tennessee 37802

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A-WING - Join us as we create a non-profit for women by women of the aviation industry. - Maryville, Tennessee - United States

Aviation Women Inspiring Next Generation (A-WING) is a 100% volunteer run non-profit created by women for women. We are committed to the education, recognition, advancement, and equality of all female professionals in the aviation, space and defense industry. We are dedicated to supporting all women regardless of race, color, age, religion, national origin, and/or sexual orientation seeking a career in our great industry. We are steadfast in our intent to bring awareness to important challenges through multiple channels, including reporting, fundraising, networking, sponsored events, scholarships, fellowships, mentorships, internships, and job postings. The goals resulting from our actions are to measure and expand opportunities for women in all positions of aviation, improve gender diversity, pay, position, and benefit gaps present in our industry. We are creating the tailwind of change where women can fly higher, soar faster, and glide further in their careers, bringing about equality in the aviation industry. Join us!

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