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4 Paws Aviation

Warsaw, Indiana - United States

|+01 (574) 269-6300

Enhanced Safety & Comfort FOR PETS IN FLIGHT

19 EMS C23 Lane

Warsaw, Indiana 46582

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4 Paws Aviation - Enhanced Safety & Comfort FOR PETS IN FLIGHT - Warsaw, Indiana - United States

We are Kent & Lori Carter, owners of Precision Grinding & Sharpening Technologies in Warsaw Indiana. We have owned our industrial knife sharpening business for 17 years. Kent received his pilot license in the 1980's and owned a Cessna 182 until 1990. Once we started the knife sharpening business all of our monies went into Precision Grinding & Sharpening Technologies and unfortunately flying had to take a back seat until the company was up and running. In 2006 we purchased a Cessna 210 Turbo non-pressurized airplane. Since our pets are a large part of our lives and we take them everywhere we go, we started searching to find a way to travel with them above 8,000 feet. After extensive searching on the Internet, the only thing that we found was a crate that we would have to build ourselves. Since that wasn't a good option for us, we started researching other means of flying safely with our pets. We began our research by questioning our Veterinarian about the different effects of hypoxia in humans and dogsÑand found out that we react the same as our pets do. After finishing our research we developed what is now our oxygen hood. Since no one else was offering this product, we decided to make it available for other people who love their pets, and want them to fly safely and arrive at their destination feeling fresh and alert. -Kent & Lori Carter, Owners

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