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Annapolis, Maryland - United States

|+01 (410) 573-1515

Buy, Sell & Trade Business Aircraft, backed by Actionable Intelligence

900 Bestgate Road

Suite 412

Annapolis, Maryland 21401

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AVPRO INC - Buy, Sell & Trade Business Aircraft, backed by Actionable Intelligence - Annapolis, Maryland - United States

We exclusively represent clients seeking to buy, sell, and trade new and preowned business aircraft. We routinely transact 100 aircraft per year worth more than one billion dollars. Our clients refer to our services as transaction insurance that saves them millions through superior market intelligence and unrivaled execution – in each and every transaction. We will sell your aircraft for the highest market price in the shortest time – and we will buy the right aircraft at the correct price, with the most favorable terms and conditions. Avpro is the center of gravity for the industry’s most powerful resource: accurate and current market information. We know and project the value of business aircraft with an extremely high degree of fidelity – and we harness that information with the mindset of owners and traders.

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