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ASI Aviation Sales International GmbH

Vero Beach, Florida - United States

| (772) 774-4682

1275 US Hwy 1

Ste 2

Vero Beach, Florida 32960

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ASI Aviation Sales International GmbH -  - Vero Beach, Florida - United States

OUR HISTORY It all started with a passion for aviation, good communication skills, and a love of interesting people. These crucial factors, when combined with an unwavering focus on our customers needs have allowed us to grow naturally into what is now Europe's largest dedicated aircraft sales company. Our belief has always been that life is too short to not be doing what you love. Our reputation for consistent over delivery in everything we do is demonstrated by us now selling over 100 aircraft per year, and this figure is climbing. With our rapidly expanding, and loyal customer base singing our praises ASI continues to thrive and expand from our position, at the very top of the European aircraft sales industry. OUR VISION In these changing times we envisage a future in which we solidify our personal and business networks through careful discernment, and begin to pull together more, and support each other more. In a time where division is everywhere we want to do and encourage the total opposite. We will continue to bring more and more like minded people together, through our shared passion of aviation. We will make a positive impact and bring necessary change and options through our individual and collective power and differing areas of skill, influence and expertise. Call us for a chat anytime, we are always ready to hear from you. WHAT WE DO Aircraft appraisal We never miss with our aircraft appraisals. After inspecting the aircraft and records thoroughly we will provide you with what we feel is the optimum selling price for your aircraft, in the current market. Aircraft financing We are proud to offer turn-key finance and investment packages to suit any and all requirements. Call us for a chat about options. Aircraft store and sell We do not charge for the time your aircraft stays in our showroom. We keep all aircraft fully pampered and detailed to present to our steady stream of buyers.

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