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Malibu M-Class Owners & Pilots Association MMOPA

Wichita, Kansas - United States

|+01 (203) 303-7851

9350 E Corporate Hills Dr

PO Box 780386

Wichita, Kansas 67207

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Malibu M-Class Owners & Pilots Association MMOPA - null - Wichita, Kansas - United States

The Malibu M-Class Owners & Pilots Association (MMOPA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the interests and safety of owners and pilots worldwide who fly PA46 derivative (Malibu, Mirage, Meridian, M-Class, JetPROP and Matrix) aircraft. MMOPA was founded in 1988, and now serves over 1000 members. Membership is available to any registered or prospective owner and/or operator of qualified aircraft or any qualifying individual or organization involved with or providing a service for the PA46 family of aircraft. MMOPA is not affiliated with the New Piper aircraft company or any other manufacturer/vendor. The MMOPA.COM website is a member benefit of the Malibu/M-Class Owners and Pilots Association. Feel free to browse around our website. Access to portions of this website is limited to registered members. The comments, articles, stories, suggestions, letters, and information contained in this Web site are the personal opinions of the contributor and should not be construed as official policy or commentary of MMOPA.

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