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Aero-Mach Labs Inc.

Wichita, Kansas - United States

|+01 (316) 682-7707

7707 E. Funston

Wichita, Kansas 67207

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Aero-Mach Labs Inc. - null - Wichita, Kansas - United States

Aero-Mach is an FAA/EASA-certified repair facility for instrument classes I-IV and for fuel accessories. For quick turns and reliable service, all indicators point to Aero-Mach. Some of the greatest names in aviation depend on Aero-Mach Labs for aircraft instruments and fuel system components. Founded in 1971, in Wichita Kansas, Aero-Mach has become one of the industry's most recognized and trusted sources for aircraft instrument repair and overhaul. As a manufacturer of signal processing, instrumentation, signs, and switches, Aero-Mach offers a world-class measure of quality assurance to every customer we serve. In 2013, Aero-Mach Labs purchased TCO Manufacturing, a trusted manufacturer of electrostatic dischargers since 1973. TCO Manufacturing is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aero-Mach Labs, Inc.

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