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Aircraft Engine Specialists

Chandler, Arizona - United States

|+01 (800) 642-1572

2330 S Airport Blvd Ste 5

Chandler, Arizona 85286

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Aircraft Engine Specialists - null - Chandler, Arizona - United States

At Aircraft Engine Specialists, we take pride in our engine overhauls. We start by installing more new parts than is manufacturer recommended to make sure your engine is in like new condition. We meet factory new engine specifications and comply with all Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins. Our engines come complete with rebuilt fuel systems, new Slick Magnetos or overhauled Bendix Magnetos, a new harness, new spark plugs, and new cylinders. Engines are balanced to tighter specs than OEM. FAA Certified Repair Station #ZF7R728Y

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