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Curry Aviation Parts - null - Leesburg, Florida - United States

The Horton STOL Conversion will give the advantage of taking-off and landing at a slower speed, the ability to get out of grass strips easier, obtain better performance at high altitudes, with better aileron control at low speeds, reduce the tendency to spin and reduce the stall speed. The slow landing performance is not your main concern but safety is. The Horton STOL conversion will provide that extra margin of safety. In the event of an engine failure and you are forced to land in an unfamiliar area, the STOL conversion gives you more time and control of your airplane by allowing you to reduce forward airspeed, while reducing the sink rate. The combination of these results will give you the possibility of touching down at a fraction of the normal speed, the chances of personal injury and aircraft damage is greatly reduced. _ Your aircraft will be modified with only the necessary and approved items to improve take-off, slow flight and landing characteristics. Only STC's and certified materials and quality parts are used in the Horton STOL conversions. The FAA has issued a Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) to Horton STOL-Craft for the production of our STOL conversions.

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