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USA Aircraft Brokers

Chataignier, Louisiana - United States

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Chataignier, Louisiana 70524

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USA Aircraft Brokers - null - Chataignier, Louisiana - United States

USA Aircraft Brokers is an extremely unique brokerage and acquisition firm that was established in 1991 with the goal of becoming a nationwide network of aircraft brokers that can service more aircraft owner clients at a more personal level. To our knowledge, we are the only firm that is constantly expanding aircraft brokerages throughout the nation and worldwide. Leaving the important details of marketing, market research, negotiating, and contracting to us. Whether buying, selling or leasing a new or pre-owned aircraft, USA is committed to providing superior customer service and creating mutually beneficial long-term customer relationships. USA Aircraft Brokers is not a franchiser, nor do we sell franchises. We are a licenser that is selectively selling a license to own and operate an aircraft brokerage under the name USA Aircraft Brokers. This means that, should you decide to join us, you will be the sole proprietor of your own company. Any affiliation that you have with USA Aircraft Brokers National Headquarters, beyond our specifically out lined support, is strictly voluntary. Our Services Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions Fractional Co-Operative Share Programs Aircraft Management Aircraft Consulting Business Opportunity

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