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TJ Helicopters LLC

Kodak, Tennessee - United States

| (865) 719-6478

555 White Oak Circle

Kodak, Tennessee 37764

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TJ Helicopters LLC -  - Kodak, Tennessee - United States

TJ HELICOPTERS LLC Our company specializes in selling freshly overhauled R22 and R44 Robinson Helicopters. If you are looking to sell your Robinson helicopter, we also provide a brokerage service at a very reasonable price. TJ Helicopters LLC is your one stop for Robinson Sales and Robinson Overhauls. Jimmy Garst, owner of TJ Helicopters, is an EMS helicopter pilot and business owner. He received his bachelors degree from University of Tennessee in 2003. While attending college, he started working on his pilot certificates in 2000. Jimmy holds Commercial and Instrument Tickets in both fixed wing and rotor craft, with over 4,000 flight hours logged. In 2012 he opened up his business TJ Helicopters LLC with the intent to buy, overhaul, and then sell R22/R44 helicopters. The Robinson helicopter market has been doing so well, he ventured into Brokering Robinson Helicopters. Call today to discuss how TJ Helicopters LLC can help you sell your Robinson helicopter or do a Robinson overhaul.

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