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Hartzell Aviation

Piqua, Ohio - United States

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Piqua, Ohio 45356

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Hartzell Aviation - POWERING THE FUTURE OF AVIATION - Piqua, Ohio - United States

THE MOST TRUSTED NAME IN AVIATION With a history dating back to the Wright Brothers, Hartzell Aviation is a growing family of brands committed to innovation and the continuous improvement of general aviation. We focus on investing in world-class processes and leading-edge technologies to support today’s aircraft owners and operators. It’s what you can expect from the most trusted name in aviation. AVIATION IS IN OUR DNA Each of the companies in the Hartzell Aviation family of brands is unified by the same core value: Built on Honor. Our brand promise and guiding philosophy, Built on Honor reflects a collective commitment to uphold the highest standards in quality, performance, and support. Built on Honor is integral to everything we do, because aviation isn’t just our industry — it’s our community, our family, and our legacy. HARTZELL PROPELLER Founded in 1917 and headquartered in Piqua, Ohio, Hartzell Propeller is the global leader in advanced aircraft propeller design and manufacturing technology for general aviation applications — both piston engine and turboprop — as well as custom propulsion solutions for electric, hybrid-electric aircraft, and advanced air mobility programs. In 2021, Hartzell Propeller acquired Tanis Aircraft Products, expanding Hartzell’s heating products to include systems for propeller de-ice, piston engine preheat, turbine engine preheat, helicopter preheat, battery, avionics, and cabin preheat. HARTZELL ENGINE TECH Hartzell Engine Tech is a leading OEM supplier and aerospace technology company that includes branded components from Janitrol Aero, Plane-Power, Aeroforce Turbocharger Systems, Sky-Tec, and Fuelcraft, providing engine accessories and heating solutions that meet the demanding challenges of today’s aircraft systems. HARTZELL AEROSPACE WELDING Hartzell Aerospace Welding provides quality aviation exhaust systems and custom metal fabrication backed by the expertise of trusted aviation companies Aerospace Welding Minneapolis, Inc. (AWI), Aerospace Manufacturing, Inc. (AMI), and Acorn Welding, including its Seaplanes West division. As the world leader in aircraft exhaust systems and engine mounts, the company’s core competencies include certified welding, precision machining, and sheet metal fabrication.

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