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The Luscombe Endowment

Gilbert, Arizona - United States

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2487 Gilbert Road

Unit 106

Gilbert, Arizona 85295

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The Luscombe Endowment -  - Gilbert, Arizona - United States

The Luscombe Endowment is here to support public inquiry into things related to the Luscombe aircraft; Aircraft operation, Aircraft maintenance, and the history of the Luscombe Aircraft Company(s). You will find a large archive of technical resources, links to our affiliates, and links to historical events as well as items of curiosity or inquiry that have been brought to our attention. Our Mission To foster the preservation and education of the public about things related to Luscombe Aircraft, and Don Luscombe's aviation contributions. The Luscombe Endowment was created in 2000, by the Luscombe Foundation to assist in support of the Luscombe fleet. Luscombe Endowment Profile The Luscombe Endowment is the repository of technical knowledge and information previously available from the Luscombe Foundation which became unavailable upon its litigation into bankruptcy liquidation during 2004. The Luscombe Endowment replaces many of those services with competent Luscombe support. To accomplish its goals the Luscombe Endowment maintains several support programs including: 1. The Luscombe Endowment receives and collects donations of historic memorabilia, documents, and other Luscombe materials to educate the public and support the fleet. (ongoing) 2. The Luscombe Endowment conducts regional seminars on Luscombe aircraft restoration, maintenance and operation. These take place at fly-in gatherings in Lakeland, FL each April, Oshkosh, WI each August, Phoenix, AZ each October, and at other locations such as York, PA; and Columbia, CA; by the request of gathering organizers. (1990- present) 3. The Luscombe Endowment seeks out, collects, and acts as a repository and distribution channel for old-stock and obsolete dealer inventory and parts used to support the aircraft fleet. (2000- present) 4. The Luscombe Endowment maintains a ?parts exchange? where salvaged parts, donated parts and materials, and restoration left-overs are made available to others restoring and repairing airplanes. This makes the materials and components more accessible to those seeking them. (2004-present) 5. The Endowment uses a large technical data base of FAA form 337 materials, sketches, drawings and FAA approval forms is available to assist Luscombe owners in repairs and safety modifications. (2000-present) 6. On-demand technical consultation is provided to owners by licensed and trained Luscombe experts affiliated with the Luscombe Endowment. (1990-present) 7. The Luscombe Endowment sponsors and maintains a technical discussion forum via the world wide web where technical issues, FAA regulatory issues affecting operations, and maintenance are the general topics of discussion. These issues are then maintained in a searchable data base for public access. (2003-present) 8. The Luscombe Endowment has obtained FAA approval for the production of FAA certified replacement parts which are produced to support the aircraft fleet. (April 2005 ?present) The Luscombe Endowment collects, obtains approval of, and maintains FAA approved data and information useful to Luscombe Owners. It is a reliable technical resource. We co-ordinate with affiliate businesses and persons for the production and distribution of FAA approved (FAA-PMA) Parts. The firm Classic Aero Support handles these sales and research. Many parts and much technical support is available which may not be depicted, E mail to Mr.Luscombe any inquiry. We pursue technical solutions for the Luscombe Fleet, including FAA liaison related to aging fleet issues, and FAA approved upgrades or modifications for Luscombe aircraft. We operate a used parts exchange and are a repository for surplus or overstock items available for redistribution or consignment sales. Classic Aero Support manages these procurements and commercial sales to the public. Inventory and availability is not limited to these pages, inquire for availability and price matching guarantees. The Luscombe Endowment supports useful sister organizations such as the Luscombe Association, Continental Luscombe Association, and the EAA Antique Classic Division. The Founders of the Endowment were the board of directors of the Luscombe Foundation which served thousands of Luscombe Owners for more than 10 years. The Endowment continues that tradition of knowledgeable service to the aviation community and Luscombe Owners in particular. Our Supporters and Luscombe Owners are the most important people in our organization, because they establish the desire and need for the Luscombe support provided by the Endowment. Your input, and contribution of volunteer time and money is indispensable.

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