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Waldron, Missouri - United States

Straight & Level Productions Inc.

P.O. Box 150

Waldron, Missouri 64092

Contact Information -  - Waldron, Missouri - United States

SuperCub.Org started after a plane crash in 1998 which made the pilot question if he should continue flying. A friend got him back in the air, and he spent the next two years getting various ratings and endorsements. He eventually bought a 1953 PA-18-105 Special and started SuperCub.Org after finding a lack of online resources for Super Cubs. The website grew into an online community with a discussion forum and over 12,000 registered users. In 2001, a generous donation from Dave Tunge inspired the website's philosophy of "if you like what you see, send us some money, otherwise, the ride is on us". The website has now been around for 15 years, and the founders are grateful for the incredible people they have met through it.

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