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Aeronca Aviators Club

Coxsackie, New York - United States

P.O. Box 100

Coxsackie, New York 12051

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Aeronca Aviators Club -  - Coxsackie, New York - United States

The Aeronca Aviators Club is now officially back! Originally founded by Joe and Julia Dickey, who published a very informative and enjoyable newsletter for many years before retiring from the aviation world. Their style and words were unique, and any attempt at imitation will fall short. Therefore, we resolve to bring you a new version of this venerable name with new contributors, experienced Aeronca owners, flyers, mechanics, historians, and enthusiasts. This is a self-supporting endeavor, backed by the administrative tools, experience and resources of the Bellanca-Champion Club. Except for the back-office and some staff in common, this Club is a separate entity formed specifically to serve Aeronca owners, pilots and admirers; as such it needs your support both as members and contributors. Aeronca Champ 7AC - low and slow The initial staff (or cast of characters, as we refer to ourselves) will be comprised of: Robert Szego, President of the Bellanca-Champion Club; Cy Galley, Editor-in-Chief of B-C Contact! has consented to be Editor of Aeronca Aviator (now retired); Tony Markl, L-16 rebuilder, fabric recover instructor, tailwheel and (low and slow) formation instructor, has offered his technical support (Tony passed away a few years ago); Carl White, Aeronca Editor of B-C Contact!, author of the Aeronca Corner column, who has restored a good number of Champs and Citabrias (now retired). Also contributing will be Charlie Lasher, author of several books on Aeroncas and STCs, Bill Pancake, renowned Aeronca expert, Jim Spee, our West Coast connection, Tony Buttacavoli with his inspiring prose, and many more. We welcome and will recognize your contributions. Happy Chief Our aim is to provide the Aeronca world with an international organization devoted to the marque, and dedicated to the reborn Aeronca Aviators Club's long-term future. The first step in this process will be the publication of the "flagship" of the organization; a quarterly newsletter. In this regard, the staff of the Bellanca-Champion Club brings with them the ability and track record of the past six years, which began with a 16-page newsletter that has grown to the current, well-received B-C Contact! of 28 pages and still growing. This website will also grow with time, gradually increasing its technical content. A longer-term goal is to establish regional Fly-Ins for our members and guests for face-to-face contact with each other and provide venues to show off their aircraft. Many other programs, limited only by imagination and finances, will be added as resources allow. All of the above will require membership and participation by a reasonable number of Aeronca fans. We hope you will join us and help us grow into the very valuable organization we hope to become. Your commitment now will allow us to commit the resources that will be required - all who join now will have their memberships run effective from July 2004 - the date we will mail the first full newsletter. Thank you for your trust and confidence. Tony Markl's L-16 Respectfully, Robert Szego, Cy Galley, Tony Markl, Carl White, Charlie Lasher, Jim Spee, Tony Buttacavoli, et al.

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