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Stewart Systems

Johnstown, Ohio - United States

|+01 (740) 966-5290

At Stewart Systems we are advancing waterborne aerospace technology into the future!

8878 Harmony Church Rd.

Johnstown, Ohio 43031

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Stewart Systems - At Stewart Systems we are advancing waterborne aerospace technology into the future! - Johnstown, Ohio - United States

Stewart Systems is a revolutionary covering system for certified and experimental aircraft using safe and eco-friendly water-based products. In the late 1980s, an industrial waterborne coatings company, Blue River Coatings, entered the experimental aviation market with a revolutionary new covering system that was completely water based/waterborne. This system was entirely unique from anything else in the industry in that it used no hazardous solvents. Although Blue River Coatings did not continue their efforts, a small company, Aircraft Finishing Systems (AFS), decided to pursue the waterborne idea, refining the system and developing new products and process including a polyurethane topcoat. In 2005, AFS sold the business to Dan and Doug Stewart, who purchased the business and improved the process and supply chain constraints. Stewart Systems was granted an STC in 2006 to cover certified aircraft and soon became a leading provider of waterborne covering systems. The Stewarts heavily promoted the system and made improvements to manufacturing and application techniques. In 2015, Andy Humphrey of Heavenbound Aviation purchased the company, and the name, products, and philosophy remained the same. The company's goal is to make the aircraft covering process safer, easier, and more enjoyable for everyone. They continue to improve their products and instructional information and prioritize building personal relationships with their customers.

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