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Air Sync - Your Aircraft. Always Connected. - Not Listed, Maryland - United States

AirSync is, by far, the lowest-cost, turn-key solution for Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) and Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) available on the market today. Not only does AirSync provide the physical hardware FDM solution for integrating into your aircraft, it also provides world-wide cellular connectivity for automatically off-boarding flight data from the aircraft. Pilots and operators no longer have to manually download files or pull data cards from the aircraft. Flight data is communicated in real-time after each flight and is available for status, analysis and review immediately on the AirSync Cloud Service. In addition to AirSync’s native flight-analysis capabilities, AirSync enables operators to automatically push their flight data into third-party FOQA providers of their choice as well as other business IT services. An individual owner or operator can enable AirSync on an aircraft with a fly-away cost of under $1000.

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