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Eagle International Aircraft Inc

Florida, Florida - United States

|+01 (954) 377-8333

515 E Las Olas Blvd

Suite 120

Florida, Florida 33301

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Eagle International Aircraft Inc - null - Florida, Florida - United States

Eagle International Aircraft Inc, is the exclusive importer for Viper SD4 and Skyper GT9. The Viper SD4 is an all-metal two-seater LSA airplane with an elegant design that is admired by both critics and aviation lovers. The outstanding flight characteristics, extra safety features (airplane parachute BRS included), low fuel consumption, highest-quality equipment, and low maintenance cost make it the best choice for pilot training, sports, travelling, and recreational flying. The Viper SD4 airplane is factory manufactured and has been approved by the FAA as q Special LSA. Additionally the SD-4 has EASA Type Certification, and soon will have received from Transport Canada approval for - AULA. Except under mentioned trainer for flight schools, we have a special version AFT - Air Force Trainer ( this special version of Viper with HOTAS - Hands on Throttle and Stick, Training control of extension and retraction gear + LED ( Viper has fixed landing gear ), Landing Gear indicator

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