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Air America Atlantic Inc

Tuxedo, New York - United States

|+01 (845) 774-9606

297 Bramertown Road

Tuxedo, New York 34990

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Air America Atlantic Inc - null - Tuxedo, New York - United States

Norman Heldman founder and director of Air America Atlantic, Inc., has always been passionate about aviation. He earned a commercial license with single and multiengine ratings along with Flight Instructor and Instrument Instructor privileges. Prior to his years in aviation, Norman was a leader and innovator in the field of science education, serving as Dean of Students at an award winning Science and Technology School. Norman carried this need for excellence and created Air America Atlantic in 1996 with the single purpose of purchasing and selling only the finest Beechcraft Aircraft available. With an eye towards perfection, his passion has become a reality. Aircraft sold by Air America Atlantic must meet an extraordinarily high standard of excellence as Norman personally inspects and evaluates each plane. Robert Miranda has been with Air America Atlantic, Inc. for over 20 years, starting out as a ferry pilot and currently sales manager. His 30+ years in aviation and 17,000+ hours makes him an invaluable asset when it comes to fitting the right aircraft to the customer based on mission needs.

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